How To Find Local Business With Maps

If your business is not coming up Google Maps, you are potentially leaving a lot of money on the table. Today, consumers are more likely to find a business by typing the business name into Google Search than referring the telephone directory. This is why it is important that you list your business in Google Maps so that your consumers will be able to find a local business with maps. This article highlights important information on how to find a local business with maps.

Consumers used to look for local businesses on the phone book in the good old days. In fact, it was the best way to find a local business in the past. But things have changed a lot since the invention of the computer and the internet. Today, people use the internet to search for all types of businesses including local businesses. Google introduced Google Maps a few years ago. It provides a local search platform for local businesses in all parts of the globe. Google Maps has surpassed the traditional phone book when searching for local businesses. It is an essential marketing tool for small businesses that depend on local clients. Google Maps is a cost-effective way of promoting your local business on the internet compared to Google Ad Word and Pay Per Click marketing. In fact, you can market your local business on Google Maps and watch your bottom line.

Publishing your local business on Google Maps is not complicated at all. It can be accomplished in under 20 minutes. Here is how you should go about when adding your local business to Google Maps for better visibility. You can check if your business is already listed on Google Maps by typing your business address into Google Maps. If your business has been functioning in the present general location for some time, it may appear on the results page. If your business doesn’t show up, you will have to fill up a simple form by going to the Google Maps Home Page.

Click on “Claim Your Business” and a form will load. Complete this form with all the important information such as business hours, web address, business category, and a brief description of your business. You may even add a video and up to ten photos in Google Maps. In fact, the more content you add to your business, the more chances it has to rank higher organically. When you submit the form, Google will want to know if you prefer to verify the account by phone or email. Selecting the phone options, you will receive a five-digit PIN number. Once you enter the PIN number in Google Maps, you should be active and ready to go. Make sure you constantly update the listing with the latest information. Also, promote your Google Maps listing on your social profiles for better visibility. This way your consumers will definitely be able to find your local business with the help of Google Maps.